Sterima 13
Sterima 13


Sterima adopts sound quality management.We seek to achieve the highest possible product quality, reliability and security for our users by means of effective, flexible and compliant processes.


Based on our roots in the healthcare sector, we seek to offer cost-effective and future-proof, innovative total solutions in the form of services and concepts.

This is the first line of our policy statement that was recorded in our company and is known by all our employees.In our company, the importance of training for each member of staff in the area of quality perception and the constant pursuit of customer satisfaction is considered one of the main challenges.To meet this objective, all agreements and practices at Sterima  are systematically and critically reviewed, improved and defined, and this in accordance with the ISO 13485:2016 standard. All these agreements and practices have been documented by means of process flows, work instructions and registration forms.

It is our shared challenge to constantly pursue this objective in the interest of a lasting relationship with all our stakeholders, particularly our customers, and an ongoing motivation of our staff.

Track and trace

The complete production process is supported by the Sterima software:

  • Instructions are visible on screen every step of the way;
  • Photos of each set and of each individual instrument are available on screen when the set is composed;
  • A rotation label is printed only when the set is confirmed as being “complete”;
  • The rotation label on the packaged set offers complete traceability with respect to the last reprocessing cycle (wash process, composition, testing, packaging and sterilisation)

This software thus provides:

  • full traceability even at instrument level;
  • safety and efficiency throughout the standardised processes;
  • comprehensive analysis options that provide reliable information.

Technological innovation

Sterima continually strives to further optimise the automation by introducing track and trace in the product flow.For example, we already use RFID when tracking implants. The application of RFID on instruments is also under development.

A clear focus on quality & logistics: this is how Sterima distinguishes itself as a service provider for hospitals and medical companies.

Quality management

Sterima carries out a thorough quality management. We strive unconditionally for the highest possible product quality.

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Together with our customers, suppliers of loaner instruments and implants, Sterima makes the necessary arrangements to guarantee a sterile delivery.

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