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Sterima 15

Medical industry

Sterile supply of loaner sets to the hospitals.

Belgium is a pioneer in the sterile delivery of loaner sets.

In partnership with several reputable industrial suppliers, our medical logistics service involves collecting the used loaner sets from hospitals, reprocessing these sets (cleaning, disinfection, composition, packaging, labelling, and sterilisation) and returning them sterile, along with the implants, back to the hospital.


Sterima has extensive expertise in the field of reprocessing instrument sets and implants.

At the request of suppliers of loaner sets and implants, an innovative supply chain concept has been developed for the sterile supply to hospitals.This process eliminates late deliveries of instruments, unnecessary risks for the patient and non-guaranteed sterility of instruments.


All instrument trays go through the same standardised and ISO 13485 certified production process consisting of:

  • Ultrasonic cleaning
  • Machine cleaning and disinfection
  • Composition and control of content
  • Packaging and steam sterilisation.


All implant trays also go through a standardised process: they are scanned in an RFID tunnel, after which the implants used at the hospital are automatically passed on to our customer and subsequently supplemented from the stock that is stored here and/or delivered from stock.Afterwards, the implant trays are stocked in our special storage, so that they, like the instrument trays can be sent at any time.

Instruments and implants are reprocessed at the CSSD platform.Belgium was the first country where loaner sets were supplied sterile; Smith & Nephew and Sterima introduced this innovative supply chain process for the sterile supply of loaner sets and implants.We now work together with several other implant manufacturers, including Medtronic, Zimmer Biomet, Johnson & Johnson. Our structured and integrated logistics approach – including night-time deliveries – guarantees a successful concept.


Together with our customers, suppliers of loaner instruments and implants, Sterima makes the necessary arrangements to guarantee the sterile supply at hospitals.

  • The transport of instruments and implants is done overnight;
  • Sterima has the permission to do night-time deliveries from most Belgian hospitals and has the information needed to deliver at night at the location specified by the hospital (there is also our barcode that will scan the driver);

Instruments and implants are carried in separate trolleys. All the trolleys are sealed.The instrument trolleys are cleaned at each cycle in a trolley washer

The logistics process is fully supported by barcodes and guarantees:

  • that the trolley is placed on the correct truck;
  • that the trolley is delivered to the right hospital;
  • proof of delivery without the need for a hospital employee to receive the goods;
  • full traceability, also when the used trays  are collected.

A clear focus on quality & logistics: this is how Sterima distinguishes itself as a service provider for hospitals and medical companies.

Quality management

Sterima carries out a thorough quality management. We strive unconditionally for the highest possible product quality.

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Together with our customers, suppliers of loaner instruments and implants, Sterima makes the necessary arrangements to guarantee a sterile delivery.

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