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Sterima is a full-service provider, innovator and pioneer in sterilising medical equipment. Sterima offers you a tailor-made approach, know-how, and experience in process innovation. With this clear focus, Sterima stands out as a service provider in the Benelux market.

As a pioneer, Sterima is your sustainable and trusted
full-service sterilisation partner. Together, we ensure that our hospitals
can focus on what they do best: patient care.

Our partners

Thanks to the growing importance of central sterilisation, Sterima plays an important role in the ever closer cooperation between medical companies and hospitals.

Our activities

Excellence in quality, continued innovation and excellence (in logistics) are paramount at Sterima. These are three conditions for continuing to fulfil our role as a pioneer in sterilisation. Only in this way can we reduce our partners’ workload as much as possible and work together on even better healthcare.

3 Good health and well-being

4 Quality education

6 Clean water and sanitation

9 Industry, innovation and infrastructure

12 Responsible consumption and production

17 Partnerships for the goals

Sustainability and our SDGs

Sustainability is a priority for Sterima. As an organisation, we contribute to the development goals set by the United Nations. Discover our commitments and the six sustainable development goals (SDGs) around which we at Sterima are actively working.


Sterima and Pollet Medical Group, are part of Pollet Group. With a diverse portfolio of companies operating within water treatment, swimming pools and the medical industry, Pollet Group recognizes the vital importance of environmental, social and governance factors in driving positive change. “The Green Wave” is our ESG commitment to promote sustainability and social well-being in all aspects of our activities. We selected a number of commitments within the themes Planet, People and Product that provide a positive impact, are relevant to our group and stay true to our DNA. Discover the Green Wave.

Sterima is part of the
Pollet Medical Group

Sterima is part of Pollet Medical Group. Pollet Medical Group is active in the integration of water treatment, concentrates and sterilisation services for hospitals, medical companies and dialysis centres worldwide. Thanks to its combined experience, complementary activities and skills in international development, Pollet Medical Group plays its role as a European leader and full-service provider. For its part, Sterima offers customised sterilisation services, providing care kits with reusable instruments.

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Wondering how we can help you with a complete sterilisation service? Ready to fit Sterima into your modern hospital policy? Don’t hesitate to contact us. We are happy to discuss ideas with you.