Partner of
Medical companies

Sterima is unique in the sterile delivery of loaner sets. All instrument trays go through the same ISO 13485-certified process: Sterima collects, cleans and disinfects, checks the contents, packs and sterilises, to deliver the sets sterile to the hospital at the hospital’s request, per procedure, on a clearly identified transport trolley. As a hospital and industry customer, you are assured of guaranteed sterility and punctual delivery.


To this end, we cooperate with leading companies such as Smith+Nephew, Zimmer Biomet, Johnson & Johnson, Lima, Mathys Medical en XNov. At the industry customer’s request, we can also deliver the implant boxes per procedure in a trolley. All implants are RFID-enabled so that we can efficiently and correctly forward the consumables to our customer as well. This way, the implant boxes are replenished the same day.

Belgium is a pioneer

Belgium was the first country to introduce sterile delivery of loaner sets. Sterima and our Belgian healthcare system are pioneers in this together. Meanwhile, we supply the majority of Belgian hospitals overnight in a structured way. Sterima thus contributes to improving the efficiency and quality of our medical sector.