Partner of hospitals

As an expert in the field, Sterima offers a wide range of services related to sterilisation: advice on sterilisation activities in the hospital (e.g. process audit or advice on accreditation), insourcing, outsourcing, etc. We provide temporary, partial, or hybrid solutions. For every question, we guide you to an answer.

Medical companies


Sterima offers advice and guidance on hospital sterilisation department optimisation. Our audit service conducts a thorough evaluation of your current situation and provides targeted advice. We discuss the scope of the audit with the management. We then conduct individual interviews with all members of the project group. We present our findings in a comprehensive final report and help you make informed decisions for the future.

Reprocessing of instruments

Sterima sterilises medical equipment for hospitals. We collect used instrument sets, clean and disinfect them, check the contents, package, sterilise and deliver the sets back, ready for use. This is done according to a tightly trained ISO 13485-certified process and guarantees full traceability of each set. We thus guarantee cost-efficient, correct and fast reprocessing of your instruments.

Care sets with reusable instruments

Sterima offers a unique service where we collect used Sterima instruments from care sets in hospitals, clean them, check them, reinsert them into care sets, and sterilise them. We deliver every order punctually to the hospital.