Sterima 479614822
Sterima 479614822

About us

Tight cooperation between hospitals and medical industry for the Central SterilisationActivities.

Sterima 479614822


Sterima is your partner in sterilisation services for hospitals and medical companies in the Benelux.We provide modular, tailored solutions, both onsite, offsite or through a shared services model.

Additionally, Sterima remains the trusted provider of nursing procedure sets with reusable instruments.Thanks to analysis and process innovation, we create quality and value for our customers.

Our sectors

Part of Pollet Medical Group

Sterima is part of Pollet Medical Group that consists of complementary medical companies. Sterima provides sterilisation services for hospitals & medical device companies in the BENELUX. Hemotech & Hema T. Medical deliver high quality products & services intended to dialysis and apheresis, in France and its overseas territories. Pollet decided to bring all its medical activities together under the Pollet Medical Group. As water is key for dialysate, Pollet became familiar with the medical sector through their water treatment specialists, DWA and Herco Medical.

Both companies have already been active for years in the integration of water treatment, concentrates and media supply for hospitals and dialysis centers worldwide. By integrating these 5 companies in Pollet Medical Group, we create a group with specific knowledge, knowhow and expertise. Each of these companies are indispensable within Pollet Medical Group.

All companies share the same DNA: a family business with local roots and an excellent reputation. Thanks to our combined experience, our complementary businesses and our skills in international development, Pollet Medical Group can play its role as a leader in the medical industry.

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A clear focus on quality & logistics: this is how Sterima distinguishes itself as a service provider for hospitals and medical companies.

Quality management

Sterima carries out a thorough quality management. We strive unconditionally for the highest possible product quality.

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Together with our customers, suppliers of loaner instruments and implants, Sterima makes the necessary arrangements to guarantee a sterile delivery.

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