About us

Sterima is a full-service provider, innovator and pioneer in sterilising medical equipment. Thanks to the growing importance of central sterilisation and the ever-closer cooperation between medical companies and hospitals, Sterima plays a central role in advising, sterile supply, and reducing the workload of all parties.

Being close to our hospitals with a constant customer focus is key to any successful cooperation. We provide the necessary efficiency, reinforced logistics and flexibility in your CSSD organisation. Every question concerning sterilisation requires a customised approach, know-how and experience with process innovation. With this clear focus, Sterima stands out as a service provider in the Benelux market. Sterima is the indispensable link in that complex landscape.

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Our partners

Thanks to the growing importance of central sterilisation, Sterima plays an important role in the ever closer cooperation between medical companies and hospitals. As a pioneer, Sterima is your sustainable and trusted full-service sterilisation partner. Together, we ensure that our hospitals can focus on what they do best: patient care.

Sterima is part of the
Pollet Medical Group

Sterima is part of Pollet Medical Group. Pollet Medical Group is active in the integration of water treatment, concentrates and sterilisation services for hospitals, medical companies and dialysis centres worldwide. Thanks to its combined experience, complementary activities and skills in international development, Pollet Medical Group plays its role as a European leader and full-service provider. For its part, Sterima offers customised sterilisation services, providing care kits with reusable instruments.