Care sets

Hospitals must comply with the very strictest legal provisions on medical quality and hygiene. Sterilisation departments play a key role in this. They are a decisive link in the hospital’s performance, and represent important capital.

Sterima’s grooming kits help reduce the pressure on your team.

Our solution
Thanks to our practical care sets, medical or paramedical procedures can be performed using a single set. In addition, Sterima also offers individually packaged instruments for a wide range of treatments within the hospital.

Procedure sets: wound care sets – suture sets – dialysis sets – …
Individual metal instruments: kocher forceps – scissors – tweezers – …

The benefits

Our high-quality sets are delivered sterile and ready-to-use. The metal instruments are collected for reprocessing after use. We thus make a major contribution to a better environment. Moreover, the sets are very economical compared to disposable metal instruments. In an ISO 13485-certified production process, we take care of the cleaning, inspection, full conditioning and sterilisation of the sets and instruments.

Reducing CSA workload

Optimal quality ratio

Ecologically better

100% Belgian care concept

Our resealable Recubox

The Sterima Recubox is an efficient and ecological solution for collecting used instruments. The hospital only has to leave the closed Recuboxes in the agreed location for collection by our Sterima driver.