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Sterima 14


Hospitals face the difficult challenge of having to meet increasingly stringent legal requirements in terms of medical quality and hygiene while the pressure on costs increases all the time. Sterile services play a leading role in this. While they are an essential link in the performance of the hospitals, these services represent an important asset.

Based on an innovative and integrated service concept, Sterima supports hospitals in developing high-tech structures that increase quality while keeping costs under control. Sterima’s innovative sterile services creates the following added value:

  • Compliance with all relevant standards, guidelines and legislation;
  • Guarantee of a just-in-time delivery of the sterile services, in step with the needs;
  • Guarantee of high-quality products and services;
  • Increase in productivity thanks to cost transparency and process optimisation;
  • Long-term solutions in partnership between the hospitals and Sterima.

Sterima provides hospitals a customised solution, tailored to the individual needs.  This can range from a solution at the stage of the analysis or concept provision, or the realisation of a modern, state-of-the-art supply platform, right through to the integrated management of sterile supplies to hospitals. We offer both in-house solutions and external structures.

Hospitals can rely on the know-how of Sterima as an experienced partner in quality and innovative thinking in the field of medical devices, sterile services and supplies.

A clear focus on quality & logistics: this is how Sterima distinguishes itself as a service provider for hospitals and medical companies.

Quality management

Sterima carries out a thorough quality management. We strive unconditionally for the highest possible product quality.

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Together with our customers, suppliers of loaner instruments and implants, Sterima makes the necessary arrangements to guarantee a sterile delivery.

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