The proper functioning of the sterilisation department is crucial for every hospital and medical company. Complex logistics, high variable costs, and staff shortages are the biggest challenges. Day-to-day management is therefore also very complex and intensive: training, procedures, consistent compliance with standards, keeping the master data of the sets up to date.

Care sets

As a pioneer, Sterima is your sustainable and trusted full-service sterilisation partner. Together, we ensure that our hospitals can focus on what they do best: patient care.

Sterima is a pioneer and expert in sterilisation. We listen to the specific needs of the team. Thanks to our extensive know-how, we consider the specific situation and offer tailor-made solutions to provide a full service. In close dialogue with you, we innovate together. We simplify your current logistics process, and prepare your quality policy for the most stringent audits. Through close dialogue, we innovate together.

The benefits

Our high-quality sets are delivered sterile and ready-to-use. The metal instruments are collected for reprocessing after use. We thus make a major contribution to a better environment. Moreover, the sets are very economical compared to disposable metal instruments. In an ISO 13485-certified production process, we take care of the cleaning, inspection, full conditioning and sterilisation of the sets and instruments.

Completely relieving the sterilisation department

Cost-efficient and flexible logistics

Rolling out know-how and best practices

The sterilisation department meets the strictest standards

Close cooperation and tailor-made solutions

Collection of the used material at the hospital.

Step 1

Pre-cleaning and visual inspection

Step 2

Cleaning and disinfection

Step 3

Checking and compilation of sets

Step 4


Step 5


Step 6

Return of the sterile material

Step 7